7 space movies from the 1960s

I like the effect of the night lights… shining the night sky up in …the day of the triffids

my point exactly…

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In office space, no one can hear you scream.


You probably missed the first 15 minutes, where a guy gets on a spaceship with other astronauts and flies into space.
Also, they were not on Earth all along. In a deleted scene (only on the LaserDisc version) you can clearly see the LEGO Statue of Liberty kit that Charlton Heston brings with him.

It’s been a while since I saw the movie but if I remember correctly they were well on their way back home by the beginning of the movie, with Heston’s character making one final log entry before going into hypersleep.

Less of the movie was set in space than Superman, and most people don’t think of that as a “space movie.”


Quatermass and the Pit was on UK TV again last week. Great film, but the end credits amuse me every time I watch it. They scroll over a scene of Andrew Kier and Barbara Shelley in a rubble-strewn street, but I guess the director didn’t shoot a sufficiently long take, so instead of just fading to black, they decided to loop the footage over and over again with a clumsy transition at each repeat. Five times!


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