70% of millennials would vote for a socialist

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Too bad it will only happen after Late Stage Capitalism guts the coffers of American society.


So…15 years ago?


God, I can’t believe how naive Millennials are. Don’t they know that unchecked corporations always have society’s interests in mind?

Their pollution? It’s just free sunscreen. You kids like free, right?

Those high prices for insulin? Just there so we don’t overdose on it.

They should be especially thankful that they’ve made housing so hard to afford, so as to spare them the misery of having to find a plumber on a weekend.

I’m not saying that Millennials should be thanking them out loud for their great service, but it wouldn’t hurt them to hug a CEO every once in a while.


I wonder how much of that is actual support for actual socialism, and how much is reaction to the way the US right wing has been labeling every halfway reasonable and decent function of the government as socialism. Probably more of the latter.


It’s as almost as if drowning in crippling debt from educational and medical costs along with stagnant wages that would prevent young people from buying stocks let alone have any sort of faith in wall street have soured young people’s sentiments about capitalism.


Aren’t centre-left capitalists?

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The Democratic Socialists of America logo is unfortunately reminiscent of the East German ruling party.

I came to say, I wonder if they included any questions establishing precisely what was meant by “socialism”.
I’m not intending to impute ignorance to the responders mind you, simply that as you say, the word seems to be used to cover an awfully broad scope of beliefs these days.


I wonder if there is an unintended consequence of the right wing “evil, bad socialist threat” chorus, in that it kinda defangs the label for anyone not already in the tank for the right. “Oh, so you want health care, a living wage and living indoors? SOCIALIST!!!” Anyway, I suspect that what the younger generation recognizes as “socialist” bears a much stronger resemblance to Sweden than to Cuba, and they find that rather un-terrifying. To say the least.


Hell, no! There’s still a little bit left for the Capitalists to lick up. /s


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hell yeah, kids, let’s go hang with some CEOs!

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I read about this survey elsewhere, and it wasn’t necessarily done by a disinterested group with no agenda. The poll was conducted by Yougov, but it was done FOR the “Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation,” which, based on the way the survey was put together, apparently wants to get the message out that “kids today don’t know about the evils of communism therefore we need to raise lots of money to build memorials to educate them.”

Note this reference to a very silly question that was included on the survey:
“Only 57% of Millennials, compared to 94% of the Silent Generation, think the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom and inequality over the Communist Manifesto.”

Seriously, the Declaration of Independence? That’s a letter to a king, not a legal document, which also happened to focus on the need for god-given rights and independence, with no real focus on equality. And, while the communist manifesto wasn’t exactly a legal document either, it does focus a lot more on equality.


Well if the right keeps labelling centrism as socialism, maybe one day they’ll end up persuading kids to vote for a real socialist. That’ll teach 'em!


I think we need a Victims of Capitalism Memorial Foundation…


I know there’s a twitter account that keeps a tally. Rough estimates to the deaths by capitalism range from 10 to 20 million a year.


I’m almost certain this has been happening. :slight_smile:


But will millennials vote?


In my experience, limited as it is, we’re actually talking about socialism, but the spark to be willing to look grew out of the right wing practice of calling everything socialism. When the face of socialism is Stalin you might not be willing to look any deeper into the ideology, but when the face is a reasonably popular centrist mainstream politician, you aren’t going to be scared off before you are exposed to actual arguments.


Mixed economy, part socialist and part capitalist.