8 beer label scandals that came to a head


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Not a beer label but still


As far as I know, this hasn’t gotten any major complaints:

The small print is more visible here:


The name of the beer is a clue, but otherwise, how do you know that she wasn’t burnt for treason? (It would be obscene to draw and quarter a women.)


A friend went to Utah and brought me back a nice coaster:


My buddy worked at Shmaltz Brewing Company, home of:

and (wish I could find a better pic)


Yeah… I’m embarrassed by that.

$20 says she was Dianic: All the easygoing humor of an Andrea Dworkin lecture with the persecution complex of a 700 Club episode.


Christmas Ales especially with Santa Claus on the label have come under fire as well.


Also not beer, but I’m fond of Leninade brand pink lemonade. And while trying to find a decent picture I found out that this one has drawn some controversy.


In the same year, George Lucas sent a cease and desist order to a New England brewery that produced a stout with the label “Imperial Stout Trooper.”

I would have sent a cease and desist too, unless they agreed to put the correct image on the label:


My God, did Lucas do anything good after 1977? Pet a puppy? Anything at all?


Surprised they didn’t include Firestone Walker’s Velvet Merkin.


LucasArts made some good games for a while there. Does that count?


Not beer, but this vodka (also produced in Utah) caused a little stir.

“Ogden distillery’s Five Wives Vodka because of its label, while Utah booze cops have deemed acceptable the bottle’s depiction of 19th century women in petticoats holding kittens near their lady parts.”



All these “scandals” arose from state regulations or direct complaints to the breweries themselves, and about half of them are understandably objectionable labels IMO. The list pales in comparison to the silly shit that this single Federal regulator gets up to every day. One example:

Battle has rejected a beer label for the King of Hearts, which had a playing card image on it, because the heart implied that the beer would have a health benefit.


No, he pretty much dropped trou and started pooping everywhere.


Those women are the Barrison Sisters Wikipedia entry


Willow was cool.


Isn’t he building affordable housing on his lands?

That could be alright, I suppose.


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