Feds say no to LSD Ale (which contains no hallucinogens)

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All’s fair in the War On Drugs :cry:


Where’s the link?

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This story reminded me of Kent “Battle” Martin, who effectively approves all beer labeling in the US, I remember him being pretty fascinating:


Indeed has been selling this beer for at least a couple years now. It’s odd that there is a fuss over it now.

It’s actually pretty tasty. I bought it mostly the for the aesthetically pleasing bottle- judging the book by the cover.

I say they rename it the “Beer formerly known as LSD”. A purple bottle of beer from Minneapolis? Seems to fit nicely I think.


I hope they can get together with whoever represented Flying Dog Ales in a battle over the label designed by Ralph Steadman for their Road Dog Porter. When I first saw it in the stores it said, “Good beer. No censorship.”

And I thought, well, two things I can agree with, but it still seemed like an odd slogan. Then they won their case and were able to go with the original design.


Seems like a good regulation to me. If you are going to put LSD on the can, then truth in advertising tells me that LSD should also be in the beer. :slight_smile:

From what I understand, they can sell the beer this way in Wisconsin, but exporting to another state means a federal regulator gets involved.

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In other news, it is now illegal to sell any Beatles recordings of Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds and the city of Chicago will have to change the name of Lake Shore Drive…

Seriously, why doesn’t the brewing company just tell the feds that it stands for “Lake Shore Drive” and make a slight change to the label…


Reminds me of all the LSD stickers that were all over the audiovisual equipment at my school.

Lakewood School District. (Hebron, Ohio)

Which did precede the discovery of the hallucinogen at least.


In any case, LSD ale has already been done.


I’m disap dismayed that the BoingBoing Store won’t carry my Date Raspberry Mango Ale.


Everybody knows operating a brewery is a gateway industrial process to LSD manufacturing. Slippery slopes, people.


Tastes like licking a battery!!!??? Well, no wonder the keepers of public morality see fit to clamp down here.

Who knows what could come next? Sooner or later, those brew fans will want to move on to the real thing. Think of the implications…


Because music and the naming of streets isn’t federally regulated.

Should I be able to make a snack food, put NUT-FREE on the label and then when somebody with a nut allergy ends up in the hospital I can just tell them NUT-FREE is an acronym for nuance-understatement-and-truth-free?


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I don’t know. Is there a copyright on the actual acronym “LSD”? I was a cross-country runner in high school and we often had workouts called LSD. We never called on our coaches for actual hallucinogenics, although I know somebody who took a tab and said he ran for what seemed to be forever.:wink:

The brewer is free to sell their LSD-labeled beer in Minnesota. The federal regulations don’t kick in until they sell across state lines.

I was talking about your “truth in advertising” claim.

Emphasis mine. It’s worth a try just to see what that’s like.

Admittedly I’m enough of a beer geek that they had me at “ale”.