9-year old High School graduate unimpressed with the achievement

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I guess having to play dek hockey with a bunch of 17- and 18-year olds wasn’t part of the requirements.


I hope that his parents have a good child psychologist or therapist. These kinds of child prodigies can end up with a lot of unique pressures that might stunt their development in other areas that most other people take for granted as being a normal common sense thing.


Everyone’s journey through adolescence is different. For most people the high school experience is at least as much about social/emotional development as it is about academics, but there are other ways to experience that kind of growth too.

I just hope those MENSA folks he hangs out with don’t get in the way of him learning how to be a decent and empathetic human being since the organization hasn’t exactly had the best track record on that front.

It was delightful watching his face light up when Neil deGrasse Tyson popped in to congratulate him. If the kid finds more mentors like that he should do just fine.


It’s really sweet that they got Neil Degrasse Tyson on board. Neil famously met Carl Sagan as a young aspiring astrophysicist and became a mentor to him. The story was beautifully told in the revival of Cosmos, but doesn’t appear to be available streaming. Here another version:

Now hook him up with Brian May. Yes, that Brian May is also an astrophysicist.


His greatest contribution to the field was probably his revolutionary study of gravitational mechanics that proved it is actually fat-bottomed girls who make the rockin’ world go round.


He was probably bored the whole time he was completing the high school curriculum. I’m just glad he wants to be a scientist and not the richest CEO.


I didn’t think my HS graduation was a big deal at all. It wasn’t like I was done with school, I was going to college as soon as the summer was over, so it didn’t really feel like an end to me. I only went to spend time with all my friends that were graduating as well.


I’ve never quite understood how things like this happen. “Course requirements” at that age typically involve an enormous amount of busywork of questionable value, do they not?


If I remember correctly, Brian May was doing his thesis on “A SURVEY OF RADIAL VELOCITIES in the ZODIACAL DUST CLOUD” when Queen kicked off, and May abandoned his studies. Decades later, May decided to finish his doctorate and was wondering what to make the subject of his work. He discovered that there hadn’t been much work done in surveying the radial velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud; so he picked up his thesis where he’d left off. :heart_eyes:


I wonder if his attempts to explain his work to other band mates is what led to their logo design?

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