12-year-old boy graduates college with 5 degrees

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Faculty, such as Biology Professor Kenneth Collins, initially expressed concern about Hung’s ability to relate to his older peers

“In the future, I would like to either discover something new or meet famous people like Elon Musk,” he said. “I"m a very smart kid, and he’s a very smart person, so smart people should talk to smart people.”

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(Who’s going to tell him?)

I mean, the kiddo and perpetual middle schooler Musk would have lots to talk about! Hopefully, Clovis grows out of some his 12-year-old ambitions.


“older peers” is worrying in itself.
It probably means he is skipping or rushing a lot of what contributes to a harmonic development of his personality at that age (and the more troublesome one shortly to follow).

At the same time, it’s quite possible he’d have problems in relating with kids his age.

I have no answers, but cannot help thinking that having so out of the “average” capabilities is both a blessing and a curse.

Full disclosure: I could do (basic) calculus and linear algebra in 5th grade, similarly for science. Did it help me in the least? Nahh…


I hope he doesn’t burn out.


Well, good on him.
I hope he grows out of the musk reverence, and I don’t doubt he will.

I’m just a teensy bit disappointed his name isn’t Alec.

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My son is about to graduate from high school and go to university two years early. And I am deeply concerned about his relating to other students just starting. Academically, he’s advanced, but socially, he’s probably a bit behind. We (my partner, son, and myself) only chose to accelerate him because that was the best of several mediocre options. We’re lucky that our city has a special high school where all students are similarly accelerated. We chose this school not because we want him to accelerate, but because we wanted him to be around other kids like him. He also really does like academic challenges. But, it’s relating to other kids that he has trouble with.

I’m mentioning this only because the 12-year-old in this story will have the same problems, but multiplied many times over. Most academically gifted kids develop asynchronously and have challenges in other areas of their lives. I wish the best for this boy and especially that he grows out of his fascination of smooth talking idiots.


he should probably check out edge.org if he wants to connect with smart people

Horrible idea:

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Let’s hope he is not an apt pupil. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:



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