97% Off The Project Management Certification Bundle

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Did anyone in the history of the universe pay $3200 for this material?


This seems to have become a “thing” on BoingBong… NOW, FOR A LIMITED TIME, ALL THIS CAN BE YOURS FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF ____!!! Sad to think that the powers that be imagine us, the readers (the community?) are so dim-witted.

I miss the BoingBoing of yore.

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Has anybody actually gone through the process, acquired this certification?

Seems like there’s a lot of money in being a PMP…

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From what I hear, PMPing ain’t easy

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Even the idea of a project management certification doing anything for you ‘career’ is really doubtful. I’m not saying that all of these certification programs are useless; they might actually teach you something for all I know. That said, the chances of a certification getting your resume out of the trashcan is essentially zero. There isn’t a person in the world who when looking at a resume gives two shits about a certification. They mean nothing.

They’re a keyword for HR departments to filter by.

If a company is looking to hire a project manager, the job listing may require a “PMP or X amount of years relevant experience”. When HR goes to pass on the resumes to the hiring manager, if your resume doesn’t say PMP, you have less of a chance of being in that pile that gets called for interviews.

Once you get past that stage of the hiring process though, the certs are pretty much meaningless in the face of experience, personality, education, work style, etc.


I’ve never understood why you would want to use HR as your résumé inbox filter, aside from laziness. It might make sense for, like, large headcounts of unskilled labor, but for your own direct reporters? I wouldn’t want to work for anyone who shirked that, or themselves filtered on stupid easy barely-relevant criteria.

It’s hard out here for a PMP…

Many, if not most, medium or larger companies require you to go through HR for recruiting. Laziness isn’t a factor.

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You don’t remember the ads in the zine offering you a handsome penknife if you could get 10 of your neighbors to subscribe?


I’m pretty sure this whole store is an elaborate troll by @beschizza.


I got the AWS tutorials sold about 5,6 weeks back, but I’ve only just started them.

If I wasn’t so skint, and so overbooked with things to study/do, I’d look into this one.

Ugh, management. It’s where the career path should lead, but the code, she beckons…

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