Get primed for a project management certification online

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Hopefully you don’t work anywhere that takes Six Sigma seriously.



How can this be worth anything? In order for, let’s say, the PMP “certification” to be valid, the PMI has to authenticate it. The last time I checked into it, which I admit was years ago, the PMI required people to not only pass their test, but to have 500 hours of verifiable project management experience on their resumes, before the PMI would issue certification. This online course may be sufficient to pass the test, but if the PMI still requires that actual experience and you don’t have it, you’ve just wasted $69 for nothing. I note that the writeup both on Boingboing and on their store site do NOT include any kind of notice that the professional associations mentioned are actually willing to provide backing for this. Including their logos is NOT proof of their willingness. Someone needs to research this with the certifying associations.


That’s a lot of training for $69. But the several of these certs require tests to pass and others don’t.

I looked at the class, and I’m not sure how each different program works. I would rather buy each one individually if any interested me.

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