97-year-old man takes his first ride in a Tesla


Cut brakes or deflated tyres are a staple of crime stories, though.


Simply put, you can’t just dial someone up and disconnect the brakes of their fully analog car, make the engine over-rev., fire off crash protection (airbags and such), or in some cases, even override steering and shifting.

The IoT does NOT need to include your car at this stage of the game; we haven’t nailed that crap down with toasters yet, much less passenger vehicles.


Well, it’s not like these are exactly hidden by all the “buttons and dials” on the center dash of a regular car… That doesn’t seem like a strong argument.

Can you turn on the AC and set the temperature without looking at your hand on this car? Or lower the volume on the music? That’s something people do when they’re driving.


I can set temp and radio volume as well as change presets/skip mp3 tracks from the steering wheel of my car. Don’t think I can turn on/off AC though.


If you want safety, the car wouldn’t have an air conditioner or radio. The layout in a typical car looks safe enough until you test it when the driver has used all their cognitive resources and is trying to deal with a dangerous situation.


False equivalency. You can easily find most car controls by touch alone; try that with a flat touchscreen some time =) .

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