Electric “supercar” coupe prototype from Renovo Motors unveiled at CES


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I hope that’s not Chinese for Lenovo.


They are claiming the first All Electric American Supercar. Not to split hairs, but I think Tesla did that more than a couple of years ago.

And no mention anywhere that the body is a copy of the 1960s vintage Cobra Daytona Coupe. Come on, credit where due.


The touchscreen is completely unusable at the angle shown in the photo.

I was going to make a comment about the company being sued right into the ground by Shelby until I checked out their website - looks like Shelby supplies their company with the chassis. This is a great copy of the Daytona.

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If you’re going to copy, then copy one of the greats: !964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe.


“11.6-inch touchscreen in the center stack”


Even with haptics, it still means having to look away from the road and instrument cluster to activate the controls. Also, as was pointed out, the angle sucks, and it’s too damn close to the shifter. Obviously this was assembled by the marketing department, not someone who cares about user design or safety.


I’l wait to see how fast it goes round the track.

The designers need to cut back on the co-co. The instrument layout is bad, but that rear end is a grotesque monstrosity that never should have seen the light of day. The performance numbers look great, though. Wondering about range, which strangely, was left out of the specs.

Looks dope.

Really? Looks penile to me.

You’re really not a car person, are you? :wink:


For someone who seems to look out for the little guy all the time, that was pretty juvenile and mean.

Not sure how to read “little guy” in that sentence. :smile:

If you mean that guys who (can afford to) buy Small Penis Cars are the “little guy” in some social-hierarchy sense, I beg to differ.

if that’s a small penis car, what kind of car is a 14 year old station wagon? (not a Subaru)

Hmm, not sure again! Maybe, a Poor Family Car?

Wait - I thought cars were tied to penis size. What happened? Only certain cars? Can I expect enhancement or shrinkage if I bought a different car?

What? No, right, only certain cars. And only as a joke, pretty much.

Are you having some kind of trouble taking the joke?

Some day I want a Corvette…

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The designer of that vehicle consults with Renovo. He autographed the shroud.