Spy shots of the Tesla Model 3


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It looks like a CAR.



4 tires…AND 4 doors. Whoa.

And a windshield.

THis is blowing my mind.

AND someone glued an iPad to the dash.


Does it fly yet?


… which, by the way, will be the single place where all controls and gauges are.

Which seems like an absolutely awful idea to me for so many reasons.

But it’s Tesla so everybody will say it’s the most awesome JesusCar ever made.


The good news for you is that even in Trumpistan (for now) you can choose not to buy one and stick with a fine example of murrican dino-burning from our friends at GM etc. Lucky you!


May be some legal issues too- I think that in Australia (possibly some other places as well) the speedo must be in front of the driver.

I’m interested to see how well Tesla can scale up their production, the quality of the build for the current models seems to be quite shoddy. Some of the panel gaps and fitment I’ve seen are comically bad by the standards of even reasonably priced new cars.


I’m with you. I have nothing against electric cars (even though I live somewhere that makes owning one completely impractical since I would have nowhere to charge it) and appreciate how Tesla is trying to move the automotive industry forward.

What I don’t appreciate is the Apple-esque levels of arrogance and dismissing of legitimate criticisms and concerns.


Posting vague FUD is not cool when we are talking about actual real life human progress being made against massive political and social opposition. If you have a beef, make it. Don’t be coy. If you claim something is poor quality, then pics or it ain’t real.

That’s certainly not what I’ve seen - perhaps you would care to post pictures?

I totally get your point with the Apple-esque arrogance, but could you be more specific about these dismissals?


Will it even have a basic head-up display? That could show the speed.


You luddites. Drivers won’t need to depend on a traditional visual display to gauge their speed and whatnot because the onboard AI will be whispering status updates into their ears at all times.



I thought info would be delivered via a 12-pin cannon plug jammed into one’s navel.


It’ll be great. But it looks a little '70s - kind of streamlined with a saggy butt and bulbous top.

They need to hire Jaguar for the design. The rear on the F-type - now I remember reading about a fella in the 80s who had issues being aroused by his Austin Metro. That F-type’s butt does it for me.


Now for the aftermarket HUD that industrial-sticky-velcros to your dash.


Close. The seats feature a haptic-feedback device that informs the driver (and optionally, the passenger) of the current speed via a vibrational interface.


Sacred Feces.


At least a good driver can gauge speed by the sound of the motor and what gear you’re in…/s

I drove my car for a few months with the driver-side speedometer completely nonfunctional (while they figured out the problem) and used the navigation unit (centrally-mounted) to check my speed periodically. I was in SO many accidents…oh, wait, none at all…but the SPEEDING tickets…right, none of those either…


I think what Musk is saying is that Gilbert is now on a list of people who won’t be permitted to buy Teslas.

On the better news front, the Chevrolet Bolt sounds really pretty good.


I thought info would be delivered via a 12-pin cannon plug jammed into one’s navel.

That’s an OTA upgrade for Block 3 and later production models. User must have NeuralinkTM neural lace (Hardware Rev. 2 or later) or compatible installed. (Some advanced functionality not available on third-party laces)