A 2-million-ton aircraft carrier made of ice


I thought they used pykrete for this, not ice.


FWIW (‘for what it’s worth’), that’s Lake Louise Alberta with the Chateau Lake Louise in the background. At my side here I have a small table with a frame built from poles that had been used to mark out the skating area on the lake, one winter back in the late 90s.

OK, OK… soggy sawdust then. :smiley:

At least the headline didn’t say “A 2-million-ton aircraft carrier made of WATER!”


I know, I know. And checking up on this up now, it looks like they really did experiment with just ice at first.

I’m just saying: If we start using pykrete and ice interchangeably, we have to start using blood and water interchangeably.


It truly is futile, considering Mythbusters have already done an episode on it.


Why not? I do. Meth/methane. Light/dark. Beer/pee. Weed/jimson weed. Words/squeaks. Same same.

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I don’t think I’m going to far out on a limb to say that the girl is a genius.

I had to do a double take on that number. But the 2 million tons value is correct. By contrast, a Nimitz class supercarrier has a displacement of about 100,000 tons.

It makes sense. Icebergs could be used as runways. Instead of an aircraft carrier, think of it as an artificial iceberg.

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They actually built a prototype, but abandoned it when the crew got cold feet.


Six parts water and one part sawdust, by weight.

Taco Bell fought and won a lawsuit about calling a mixture containing 88% ground beef and 12% other ingredients… wait for it… beef!

More to the point: [quote]A 2-million-ton aircraft carrier made of ice[/quote] is completely acceptable license, IMO, for a headline. It’s substantially factual and more interesting than [quote]Some guy named Pyke figured out he could make really strong frozen floaty things by mixing a little sawdust with water before freezing it.[/quote]

This technology also makes for an effective defense against Wildings and White Walkers.

Seems like the project suffered from requirements creep. They wanted it big enough for 150 heavy bombers? Even the biggest US carriers only carry 90 aircraft, most of which are relatively small fighters. Aircraft carriers during WWII were much smaller. It seems like they got carried away.

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I see, Pykrete uses water in its construction so it can be called Ice, and the worldwide steel shortage made experiments like this feasible, so innovation should be ridiculed.

How perfectly cromulent.

I think it’s a reasonable idea. Using floating ice as a base of operations has only just failed for polar bears, after all.


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