A 40-foot tall pink flamingo is headed to Black Rock City


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My installation is 50,000 tons of greenhouse gasses.


Flamingo Butt!!!


Burning Man may have jumped the shark.


“It started with a Pink Flamingo 15 years ago. Next it was the hiring of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour to perform - supposedly for irony. But what started as a joke, eventually saw the avant garde hipster Burning Man become the Skoal Burnin’ Man Redneck Arts and Blues Festival/Monster Truck Rally, this year being hosted by a hologram of legend Ted Nugent.”


I say fill it up with Greek soldiers and present it to Troy as a gift.



Uh… ya think?

And its not like the fan base would care if it did. Expect giant shark-jumping theme camps to celebrate the ingloriois excess of it all.


Erdogan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to see the humor in that. Though, given his own recent clandestine thug problems, we arguably don’t have strong reasons to care.


people have been saying that since 1996. i have yet to see clear evidence of it.


So creative. :confused: Just hope your neighbors don’t install one of these. As of about 8 months ago I have two 30ft is pink flamingos that stare at me menacingly every evening with their evil glow.


I hope it can swim …


Basically Fury Road: Red State Version

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Yes, thereby equaling the participants’ weekly impact in their default lives, aux environ du Mountain View. All their cycling to work 3 days per week can’t make up for the critical decisions made at work, or for the net CO2 cost of the toro they ate at the business dinner at the end of said week.


Everybody thinks dying for art sounds cool until a 40-foot tall Pink Flamingo goes on a rampage across the Playa.


Mine is quite a bit smaller than that, your reflexive defensive equivalency aside.

If only they left as little trace the other 51 weeks.


I don’t know if that’s anything to go telling everybody.


How so? which thing? everybody? You’ve confused me.

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