A 69-year-old shoemaker came to the Battle of Gettysburg to "shoot the damned rebels"

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So is this guy a hero or a dangerous gun nut, I can’t tell. :thinking:

Dangerous hero nut. It’s a rare breed.


Considering that the Union Army outnumbered the Confederates at virtually every battle fought in the East up to that point, the problem wasn’t that there was one too few infantrymen. Now, if he had replaced one of the generals (before Gettysburg, I mean; the generalship at Gettysburg was acceptable, or better).

“shoot the damned rebels”

There were no Nazis to punch back then.


When I asked my grandfather why he joined up in WW2 [when he was old enough to avoid the draft and could have been exempted because of his profession] he said “I told them I wanted to kill Germans.” In its wisdom the Army assigned him to a blimp over the Gulf looking for U-Boats.

Futility Closet is good listen. Both the man and woman’s voices are perfect for a podcast. Can they do it that well all in one take? My favorite was one they did a couple years ago about the downed WWII aircraft in the Sahara. If they only would have gone in the opposite direction they had chosen they might have survived, but instead, they walked further out into the desert.

When the nation is threatened, you can be both and still be right.

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