A 7-Eleven is allowing guests to game all night long in one of its stores

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/25/a-7-eleven-is-allowing-guests-to-game-all-night-long-in-one-of-its-stores.html

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What could possibly go wrong? I asks yous…


The Hot Pockets will burn your tongue? The Mountain Dew will be flat? The Cheeto dust will get all over the keyboard?

Heh, I love gamer jokes (speaking as a former gamer who doesn’t have time for that anymore since I graduated to “parent”).


The ultimate game, it never ends.

I love that flipping FaZe Temperrr to be the organization with FaZe Clan to be the person makes that no more intelligible.

But I can’t finish a deep, immersive, story-based game in one night. Surely a person named “FaZe Temperrr” understands my plight.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD: STAY THE HELL AT HOME. What part of pandemic do we not get?


Came here for this, bummed it took until post #7 to see it. :confused:


There is still an ongoing pandemic, right?

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even without the pandemic this makes no sense to me

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