A '70s sci-fi game about a disembodied head exploring a space station


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Speaking of intelligent disembodied heads, see also:


Looks like Logan’s Run meets Avenging Spirit.


So basically that’s a 3D remake of Paradroid with a few new features thrown in?
Sign me up.


Is this a 2.5D sideways scroller?


“Head Lander”? Um, okay…


That dog/guy is super creepy; it reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


The mechanic of taking enemies’ bodies is somewhat like a Shiny game called Messiah, released in 2000. The laser battles look a bit overwhelming to me, like Touhou, but I’m interested in the puzzle and story aspect.


So basically it’s a remake of Robotron 2084 with the rest of your family already dead?


So basically it’s a remake of Bezerk without the walls of death?


So basically it’s a remake of Pong but with more colors?


How about A Day in the Life for the Spectrum ZX. I immediately think of this when hearing about a floating head game.






I think the brazen head showed up in Neuromancer too.


Awwww, man, I’d forgotten about Paradroid. I always wanted an Archimedes as well, cos I’m an awkward bastard.


Depends on your definition of 2.5D. I’ve seen it used for everything from “2D gameplay with 3D graphics” to “3D gameplay with 2D graphics” to “mostly 2D gameplay with limited Z-axis movement, and any kind of graphics.”

But it does appear to be a 2D platformer with 3D graphics, in any case.





Sure lot of talk about head for not being a porn site.