A 79-year-old man in Vermont is a 20th-generation Italian stone carver, and he's the last one left

Originally published at: A 79-year-old man in Vermont is a 20th-generation Italian stone carver, and he's the last one left | Boing Boing


First, from looking at his work he is not a mere ‘stone carver’ he’s a genuine sculptor/artist.

Secondly, if he is the last one left it only proves that the right-wing fuckwits were right all along.

Nobody wants to work these days.



Here’s a story; A few years ago I checked out a library book on how to carve ukiyo-e wood blocks and print from them, using the traditional Japanese techniques. It was produced by a couple of Living Treasure artists, who lamented that this was a dying art (the book was published in the late 1980s/early 1990s), and that there was no interest on the part of “teh youts” in learning these techniques, which meant that in a few years, there would be nobody left who knew how to produce these wonderful prints.

Fast forward 20 years, and I checked out another book on current printmaking (it may be an annual publication), and to my delight, there were a number of ukiyo-e prints included, with traditional, yet contemporary themes; a “samurai” and his lover in the bath, for example. The “samurai” was wearing Ray Bans, and the lover was tearing open a condom package with her teeth. Looking at who made the prints revealed a Japanese master printer, and a team of junior/apprentice/journeyman printmakers, with mostly western names.

Westerners have been inspired to learn the techniques, and keep the art form alive, and the masters are willing to pass on the information to whoever is willing to learn. Whatever works. And maybe someone will be inspired by the article on this sculptor, to apprentice with him.


But in the career of being a stone sculptor, really tough to get anyone into that these days. I can’t imagine trying to recruit for that. It’s sad because that is truly amazing and beautiful.

I guess a CNC machine can handle it all now, or someone will just 3d print whenever a statue is needed.


If anyone is ever near Barre VT, I highly recommend stopping by the Hope Cemetery. The craftsmanship and artistry of the headstones is absolutely stunning.


I love that he wears a big floppy beret. Now that’s how you “artist.”


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