A baboon-proof garbage can can't keep a honey badger from its late night snack


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Meh. Call me when it can defeat a raccoon-proof garbage can.

(Just kidding. If raccoons can defeat them, a honey badger probably can too.)


All it takes is some bungee chord, at least that works great for my parents. Though i have heard from people here in the BBS that raccoons in other areas can be much more persistent.


Sounds like they need Jack-Jack.


Um… you shouldn’t do that to your parents…


Just imagine what i do to people who arent related to me…


Color me skeptical that this set-up is proven to be “baboon-proof”. (“i’ve known some baboons, Senator, and you’re…”)


I would NOT want to be the person having to open that bin if that honey badger had fallen in.


Honey badger don’t give a shit, it just takes what it wants!


Mmmm, Honey Badger – so hot!


Seriously? A baboon couldn’t figure that out? You gotta be kidding me. Takes the baboon down a few pegs in my eyes, for sure.


Notice she makes good use of the hoop as a step.


Came for this and almost lost faith in the BB community


If I had honey badgers in my neighborhood, I’d buy hams and crowdsource a bunch of Rube Goldberg contraptions and turn the place into the Honey Badger Proving Grounds.

I know it’s not feasible, but let me dream a little.


We will have a honey badger-proof container when we can cause honey badger to care.


Yeah, seriously, that looks baboon-easy, not baboon-proof. Unless someone forgot to lock it or something.




If it’s baboon-proof it’s probably me-proof…but nothing is safe from the Ratel kit.


Seriously this section should literally be only “Honey badger don’t care it just takes…what it wants”