A backer message as Earth leaves beta and goes 1.0

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This is why I always wait for version 2.0 before jumping on a project like this.

The alpha and beta releases always have bugs that won’t be ironed out until a wider population starts using them.


Man, whoever’s controlling me needs to sort their life out. Or my life out.


I think they’ve got a cheek making this one a paid product. There are still too many bugs and issues that need to be resolved before this is fully playable.

  • In-app purchases and ambient advertising are out of control- they’re taking over more and more of the in-game experience, to the point that it’s frankly unrealistic.

  • We still have the history file problem. When your character’s history file gets larger, there’s an increasing chance that the whole thing will glitch out and delete the player avatar. You’ve tried to re-package that one as a feature, but it’s really frustrating to have to go back to character creation again and again.

  • Air transportation was a useful feature when it was introduced, but now it’s lagging so much when you initiate a flight, that people are just not bothering with it at all. Oh, and those lumps of metal are so terrible as placeholders. Get working on the dragon artwork.


One of the cool things about being a beta-tester is you find out all the easter eggs and exploits early on.


Judging by my dreams, my user is a serious…ly good and well-adjusted person with no psychotic tendencies at all, and definitely not addicted to those in-game mini-games…or Skittles.

Fuzz testing would go a long way in explaining the past several years of Earth history.

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