A beautiful and disturbing photo essay about Florida

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except for the gun tatted gut, these are some lovely photos. the cover photo is particularly well done - a seeming water sprite or medusa being - using the reflection of the photographer in a tide pool.
florida man banana smuggler reminds me of Sean Connery in Zardoz.
very nice collection, but i’ll not be ploppin down 50 bucks for lovely portraits of stuff i see in many everyday comings and goings.
edit: i would add that the juxtaposition of old florida and modern times is a very good exploration into what was always a fantasy versus something lost. Weston has always been a favorite photographer of mine and Ms. Samoylova is talented as well and her colors are wonderful


I’d love to see this, but the site is not loading for me. As someone who has to visit Florida on a regular basis to see relatives and as someone who’s not a beach person, I find it hard to see the redeeming qualities of the state.

Wait!!! The page just loaded after ~5 minutes.

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