Florida man, shot in chest by former lover, takes selfie




Terminal narcissism?


No, he survived, so it wasn’t terminal.

Unfortunately, while the linked article does have two pictures (one of her, one of the two), neither are the selfie in question.


Butcha gotta say - in the metaverse of selfies, this gotta be selfie of the year!


Florida Man is just that awesome!
Always thinking of everyone else…


Bleeding… vitals dropping… internal organs shutting down… must… take… selfie !


Hell yes. I’d be tweeting selfies until I couldn’t hold the phone any more. Imagine the RTs!

Not like that happens every day is it? Well hopefully not anyway.


That’s a brave man. Picking the right Instagram filter is hard, and doing so while woozy from blood loss could have been disastrous.


He might have been concerned that the next step would be for his body to vanish into the swamp so he decided to document the event. This is probably more effective than trying to leave a note smeared in your own blood.


Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to consider what the internet would be like without Florida? I’m glad I don’t live in that world.


That’s criminal!


There are worse ways to go than making a simple gesture that gets you mentioned in news headlines.


See, the thing was, it was a dick pic.


Most people take it for granted, but everyone who doesn’t live in Florida should be glad of it.


Matthew Inman outdone.

The Oatmeal


I’m also glad I don’t live in Florida…


If I were any condition to do the same, I probably would. A photo like that could be helpful in court.


There’s (of course) an immediate “only in Florida amirite??” reaction that this no doubt inspires, but thinking about what a selfie means when applied to a situation like this is actually surprisingly poignant in a few ways. For one, imagine this: “I can still see myself looking at the camera; I’m still alive.”


A slightly more helpful photo would be one of the attacker.

I suspect the doctor, police, prosecutor, judge, jury, and pretty much every idiot on the planet can work out what happened on the barrel side of the gun.


If you have auto-upload, and the GPS turned on, you can at least get that someone was shot at a location. I’d totally selfie (to establish a timeline), then photo of attacker/surroundings.