Man with gun who filmed himself attacking people says "he didn't mean it." It's just a prank!

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In Texas. He did this in Texas. That young man is lucky to still be alive. Texas has some of the loosest gun laws in the country, and is a stand your ground state. And he appears to have hit the people really hard. And on top of that, it looks like he was armed. If any of the people he had hit had been armed themselves and shot him, they probably wouldn’t have even been arrested. In addition to being wrong, what he did was really, really stupid. What the hell was he thinking?


That’s the problem with good guys with a gun. They’re never around when you need one.


If you have to explain that it’s a prank…it’s not a prank, you’re just doing awful things to people.


There seems to be an implication of some sort of delusionally high standard of ‘meaning it’ here. It’s adjacent to recognizable uses of intent; people saying that they didn’t intend doing whatever it is they did from setting off a cascade of events that got out of hand; or eggshell-skulling someone or whatever; but all those uses involve some (often fairly predictable; but still distinct) uncontrolled escalation from the action actually performed to the outcome allegedly not intended.

This is just a guy saying “I did a thing; but I didn’t mean to do exactly the thing I did”; which seems hard to take seriously outside the realm of mental illness serious enough to make institutionalization a sensible prospect.

Ah well, another candidate for the local DoC’s locked-in-a-room challenge.


Yeah well, to me pranks themselves consist of doing awful things to people. Being pranked makes me express a level of anger in return that the pranker always finds unreasonable.


If the prankee isn’t laughing at the end of the prank, then it went wrong, and you can never predict the reaction of a stranger. Therefore, only prank family or close friends whom you understand well, always bearing in mind that you will have to live with them afterwards.


Good points, and I guess it’s true that some people like being pranked, so I shouldn’t project my hatred of it onto everyone. Still hard for me to imagine, though.


I wasn’t denying your reaction at all. Hopefully your family and friends know you well enough never to prank you.


(Probably less panels for this guy.)


Oh, no prob, I didn’t think you were!

And uh yeah, fam and friends do know that I hate being pranked. And yet, some still persist… :angry:


Jesus Christ. Is no one teaching kids what pranks are??

My dude. You’re god damn lucky you didn’t kill someone. Many people die each year from a single shot to the head, knocks them out, and then they hit their head hard on the landing and die. Especially a shot to the back of the head. There is a reason they don’t allow that strike in UFC.

You’re also god damn lucky someone didn’t turn around and fight back. Holy shit.

Also, shut up shut up shut up. You just admitted to the assault.

– Throws papers up in the air in exasperation and walks off. –


At the very least, whiplash symptoms.

Whatever comes of police charges, the victims should file civil suits as well.


Why isn’t a violent assault called a violent assault? He’s young, aggressive, appears to be selecting victims who aren’t likely to retaliate. It’s just a matter of time till he pulls that cowardly shit and gets taken out. For his own sake he needs to go stand in the corner for maybe 5 to 7 for the benefit of society as well as his own safety. When he hits someone who falls, strikes their head and ends up with a permanent disability or dead, will it still be a prank? Fuck this fool, let him do a tic tok of him getting processed into prison.


I haven’t watched the videos but I’m assuming he is selective with his victims. Someone wearing light weight work out clothes is likely not carrying a hidden pistol.


He was thinking that the mistake other asshole video-makers made, when they were shot abusing people, was to not be armed when they did so. And he was right, really - even if someone he was abusing was armed (and I’m sure he picked victims he could see weren’t), they’d be wondering if they could get their gun out and a shot off (while disoriented from being hit in the head) before he could. And correctly surmising that they probably couldn’t.


Both victims were wearing baggy shorts and baggy shirts, one a short sleeve and one a long sleeve. And this is Texas. Assuming they were not armed is stupid.

ETA: In case anyone isn’t clicking on the video thinking it’s the assailant’s video, it isn’t. It’s a local news report. Feel free to click on it. It’s not very long.


The other day a prankster was shot.


The local media version of this story is that it’s being caused by social media, and that’s a different kind of cynicism.

Caused by, no, but made sustainable (until someone inevitably kills him), probably. For reasons I will never be able to fathom, there’s an audience for this sort of thing. He’s either getting a satisfying amount of attention from similarly toxic manchildren or, even worse, actually making a living off his stupidity.


It’s outsourced to the tiktok and youtube algorithms,