Puppy shoots Florida man


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I hope it was a little female puppy that managed to trigger the gun - then kharma really is a bitch.


What the fuck is wrong with that guy?

He got shot. Good. There is literally no reason to shoot a puppy. There are such things as shelters. He wasn’t doing it for the dog’s own good. He was doing it because he’s mentally broken and needs help. .


Who shoots puppies?

What did he plan to do next? Club some baby seals and bathe in their blood?

This guy is morally on par with Mengele, just with fewer resources at hand.



Bradford said he decided to shoot the 3-month-old shepherd-mix dogs in the head because he couldn’t find them a home, according to the sheriff’s office.

In other words this guy was so fucking lazy he decided to go to the effort of shooting some puppies, rather than taking them to an animal shelter. “Couldn’t find a home for seven puppies” my ass. He either is the kind of lazy that you earn medals for, or he was doing it because he was getting a kick out of it.


Turns out that this is one of the ways you can get animal control to come to you!

I hope his fucking hand was mangled so badly he’ll never be able to hold a gun again.


We live in a messed up world with a lot of injustice in it, but sometimes… sometimes things work out exactly as they should.


Uh, I guess you missed the part where he survived?


i was sort of hoping this was the last we hear of Florida Man, but i guess he survived.


There is a gnosiological problem there - had he been shot dead, he couldn’t have told the doctors about the Nemesis puppy incarnate pulling the trigger and it wouldn’t have made the news.

(This implies there are actually some such instances of perfect cosmic justice, we just don’t hear about them.)


This article is from 2004!

Maybe Boing Boing can be a little more timely? Although, oddly you’re not the only news organization to recently post this article:


Whooo’s a good doggie with a gun?
You are! Yes, you are! Yes, you ARE!


All the dogs in this movie are probably dead!


Florida Man had it coming. I meant that in the general sense at first, but, reading more closely, this particular Florida Man really deserved it.


Christ, what an exit wound…


What a piece of shit.


Florida Gentleman, if I’m not mistaken.


If the doggie has a .38 you’d better f-ing tell it it’s a good dog regardless of what you actually think!

(hint, this trick often works on the po po as well)


I’m going to bed, Boing Boing. When I wake up I expect a unicorn chaser.


Hopefully to some hi-tech Puppy Avengers training camp in a secret mountain base