A bedroom of books


I’m confused. Is that supposed to be a lot of books? Because it isn’t. Not even close. Where are the wall stacks from floor to ceiling? Why is valuable shelf space being used for knicknacks? If the room is really full of books, where is the photographer standing? There are not even 1,000 books visible in this picture and they’re all shelved normally. Half the people I hang out with have more books than this hiding behind their couch.

I’m so sorry to have confused you. It isn’t simply the quantity of books that makes me appreciate this image. It’s the entire look and feel of the room.

Are you sure it’s a photograph? It kind of looks like a painting.

And this is unusual, how?

The first thing I thought of when seeing it was Edward G. Robinson’s room in Soylent Green:

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I would not want to be on bed during an earthquake.

This is the Library Room at the fantastic Mildred’s Lane Complex(ity).
More info can be found here:

Thank you! Updated my post!

Bet that place requires a lot of dusting

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