A beer cooler that follows you around


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Well said.


I prefer hard liquor myself:


They mentioned the cooler had poor obstacle avoidance, but it seemed to do as well as a distracted dog or a toddler (both of which I use to move coolers).


I give it less than a year before someone has a bolt on vision kit for this build.

Aren’t there already ‘follow me’ luggage droids for sale?


Hmm…should be merged with this invention


I wondered what these things were for:


And after to many beers I need it to drive me safety home.:beers:


All hail our new robotic beer storing overlords!


Still not as cool as getting a smoking near alcoholic bear to carry your stuff

“…during the Battle of Monte Cassino Wojtek helped by carrying ammunition – never dropping a single crate”


Something something Seth Rogen remake of THX-1138.


Well after about six bottles my cooler sort of SEEMS to move on its own…


Um, shouldn’t that be “I, for one, welcome”?


A cosplay walking version of The Luggage ought to be well within the capabilities of hackaday readers by now. I’m surprised there’s not one already.


Or a Strandbeest cooler.


Yes it should. Too late the edit it now that you caught my goof.


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