Small underground bunker for your beer


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Not sure why one would need this but okay.


But think of all the problems it will solve!


I need a method to keep bottled beer coolish in my yard, maybe have it incorporate some awkward process for loading and retrieving said beers, and digging a a 5 foot hole straight down into clay and rock is no problem.

Anyone have a suggestion?


Easy enough to understand this. Earth doesn’t “insulate” the beer, it keeps it cool. Especially in northern Europe, given that it’s German – where beer has flavor that doesn’t have to be killed by really low temperatures… The pictures showing women stashing the stuff are misleading, because the obvious use is for men toit where their women don’t know they have it and then recover a bottle while pretending to work outdoors.


But what happens when it rains and your beer safe gets filled with dirty ground water?


That’s good! But it still brings up other problems to solve like getting it home and buried and stocked without detection, and now there is more incriminating evidence laying around. Alcoholics needing a fix already have simpler methods Im guessing.

Crazy product, but the more interesting thing to me is how does something like this get financed???


What they aren’t showing you is the underground network of tunnels the BierGnom use to restock the bunker.

BaaS is all the latest


The gophers having been playing havoc with my beer!


If you’ve stocked it with American corporate beer, how would you tell?


A cooler?


I saw this a while back on Facebook. You know the kind of videos that make the rounds on there.

Anyway, the setup looks interesting and clever. Not sure what problem this is solving that a cooler couldn’t do though.


I bet you’re lots of fun at parties.


If I gotta go through that much trouble to hide the beer at party it isn’t worth going to.


When I was a kid you’d often find these buried in the yards of older houses. I bet you could easily hide a 12-pack or so in one.


…? Ok, I’ll bite - what is that? What’re they doing out Somerville way?


This was probably not designed for beer. The ability to hide something that would survive a thorough search of your house has some value. The great thing here is that if you somehow lose access to the inside of your house, you can still access your hiding place. On top of that, you can use the concept of a novelty beer product to justify installing this.


In pre-garbage disposal days there’d be a pail in it; you’d step on the lever to open it and dump your kitchen scraps in and they’d stay cool enough not to start rotting. Someone would come around every few days for the contents of the pail and take it away for pig feed or maybe composting.

I guess the foundry was in Somerville, I lived a bit north from there.

We just used to hide buried treasure in them. :slight_smile:


What makes you think we wouldn’t use to store our good beer, while we leave cheap fizzy stuff in the fridge for the men to drink?


You can bury a few of these on a festival terrain before the festival!
No more need for camelbags etc. to smuggle booze.