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Ed Stafford became the first white person to walk along the Amazon River from start to end…



Locked out of your hotel room naked? Do your Dennis Hopper impression!

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Apparently I’ve been doing ketchup wrong for all these years. Perhaps someone here can explain this simile and set me straight:
“If there is a pillar or other obstruction ahead, move towards it. It will cause a natural “bubble” in the pressure of the crowd – like shaking a ketchup bottle…”

Shaking the (upright, lidded) ketchup bottle is meant to loosen some of the thickened, semi-hard shmutz from the mouth, and then to re-mix it and the watery…erm, santorum…that’s floated to the top back into the thick creamy mass of ketchup filling the rest of the bottle. Thumping the (inverted, opened) bottle is meant to force ketchup down to the mouth for effective pouring/squeezing. How is any of that similar to a (preferably elliptical) pillar in a crowded, panicking venue?

Or is this yet another thing I won’t understand until I walk the length of the Amazon from start to end? (Story of my life, actually…)



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