A Breaking Bad RV incense burner


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/17/a-breaking-bad-rv-incense-burn.html


A Breaking Bad RV incense burner

A must have.


Hilarious! If only I didn’t hate incense…


this is genius.


In-genius? Incensius?


See, you’ll be cooking incense, not meth.

Says you.


Cute. But the bullet holes in the door look wrong to me.


Likewise, i have a very strong aversion to incense smoke. This reminds me of a really cool incense burner i saw years ago, it was a silver sleeping dragon and the smoke would come out of its nostrils and it was really neat but way too expensive. Though even if i could afford it i would have never used it :stuck_out_tongue:


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