The kitchen appliance helps you make high potency edibles right at home

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I have the smaller, less expensive and older Ardent Nova. Although a bit overpriced (IMO), it does exactly what it claims to do, and works quite well to decarb both flower and concentrate (either kief or wax). The decarbing process takes a little under 2 hours. It also works well as an infuser (I like to infuse coconut oil), a process that will take an additional 2 hours or so. Just be careful to measure properly, as it’s easy to make edibles that are more potent than you expect.

It’s probably not worth the price if you primarily smoke/vape your cannibis, but as someone who use to spend about $50/month on edibles, it was definitely a nice impulse buy. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, and I’ve made a lot of edibles.

Ron Popeil’s finest!

Weird, this BBS/StackSocial post is written without the snarky hyperbole that so many of them are. It feels like a big improvement over some of the other posts (which shall not be mentioned lest I be memory holed.) StackSocial says they write their ad copy to match the tone of the publisher site. Maybe they are trying to imitate Mark now instead of Rob? :thinking:

Does it make your kitchen smell dank?

No, so long as the lid is properly secure, there is no discernible odor. When you do open it (after the debarbing process, but before the infusion process), there is an odor of cooked cannabis, but the odor is not overpowering, and is to be expected.

It’s nowhere near the overwhelming dank odor that you’ll get if you try decarbing in a toaster (or regular) oven.


This is snarky? I read it as bad ad copy:

Unless you’re a regular cannabis user, you might be surprised to learn that the plant itself is basically just that — a plant.

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Why not both? :thinking:

Seems bad and snarky. Looks like I was wrong. That’s what I get for skimming.

Or you could use a cookie sheet in your oven, in about the same amount of time. There are many detailed tutorials online, but it’s not difficult to do. Is there reason to believe this pricey device can do better?

Convenience and lack of smell. This is the Betty Crocker cake-in-a-box system.

The smell’s not awful, but it’s distinctive and plentiful; might cause issues with neighbours (who can just f$%k right off), landlords, apartments in the same building as you, the Po-Po (depending on where you live).

I do the crock pot method: 1kg (2lb) butter, 100g ((~4oz) dried primo nugs coarsely ground, set dial to achieve 100C (220F), wait 4+ hours, strain thru large colander lined with cheesecloth, squeeze cheesecloth, into freezer to solidify.

Messy but makes killer brownies and cookies. 1/3 cup into a boxed brownie mix, cut into 16 square. One square is perfect for me. Six hours solid stone.

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