How to cook a marijuana marinated turkey


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Did you ever want to play questions?

Putting the trip in tryptophan?


I disagree wholeheartedly! Make the stuffing [20+ years] with bud, and don’t forget to warn the guests, it’s very potent & delicious!.



Bake it.


Potheads are just so crazy. I’m surprised they don’t show you how to turn one of the turkey legs into a bong here.

I’m not down on weed, but it’s like the whole silly bacon in everything fad.


& the fur in Tofurkey
& the turd in Turducken


& the bake in bacon


I can’t imagine how it might taste, but I have to assume that it wouldn’t taste very good.


Well I’m guessing you need any number of cool herb scales, grinders and various herb related gadgets that you would not normally expect any one man to have access to… I wonder who might have all these herb related gadgets for totally innocuous reasons. Maybe could ask that Frauenfelder fellow, he works at that makezine thingie, could be he has an unexpected wealth of knowledge about gadgets that have stuff to do with herbs, that would be my guess.


But I am already hungry for turkey. Wouldn’t eating this just make me hungry for more turkey?


What are they trying to do…I already can’t get up from the couch after thanksgiving dinner!


Be a good way to make that not always great family get together time much more mellow though.


Don’t forget to decarboxylate your weed before making the cannabutter. I don’t see anything here in the cooking instructions that will get it hot enough to decarb it otherwise, and not having all your cannabis be psychoactive is such a waste.


how high do i set the oven


Honestly, weed tastes gross to me. But that doesn’t stop me from smoking it. I don’t get the “put weed in everything” fad either.


Some would call it an acquired taste. I smoke pot, but the smell of fresh bud still makes me gag just a little. It doesn’t smell bad to me. It’s just sort of an overwhelming smell. Too strong.


For that kind of Byrd I’d say about 8 miles high


Well, no. It’s a turkey. Stupid great things. Blech.


Aw, no turkey for you then? Not even deep fried?


Maybe about 300 marijuanas?