Sunset magazine suggests dosing your family with cannabis gravy at Thanksgiving

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For so many reasons, just no. Just no.


I think that I could get consensus this year. Oh boy, it’s going to a cage fight.


Same. That shit is on.


That is a horrible idea. Although, i will say that the basic idea of cannabis infused gravy is pretty inspired. I, mean, simultaneously creating and alleviating The Munchies? Genius.

On a separate note: I’ve decided that my own method of dealing with difficult opinions expressed at Thanksgiving dinner will consist of using the author’s amazing name as an interjection to note my surprise. Much like “Great Scott!” If the conversation veers into uncharted political territory, I will exclaim, “Rusty Blazenhoff! That’s the most batshit thing I’ve ever heard!” and the offending party will spend the next 2 hours trying to figure out what, exactly, that means.


From the article, “It comes in powdered from, just like any regular, old grocery store gravy”

Looks like the author and editor have already partook.


Yeah, no, this is a terrible idea. Do not drug people without their consent.


I’ve decided I’m going to bring a clipboard and write down arguments that I find ill-founded, then circle back and readdress. I could just read their words back to them then wait for a response. I could ask if I have that right or if that’s what they meant to say, and maybe add a reason why they might be misguided. It slows things down so I can come up with a response of my own and maybe even think of that thing I’ll later wish I said, and actually say it. And if things get out of hand, I’m just going to say “that’s complete crap” and own it. I’m not willing to yield the ground of the assumed status quo.


“We had to become the sketchy uncle to save Thanksgiving from the sketchy uncle.”


Without knowing anything about the magazine, Sunset sounds like the title of a periodical focusing on euthanasia.


“That’s fascinating Uncle Cletus. Here, let me pour you another glass of gravy.”


In addition to moral problems with this, I’d like to point out that on a practical level giving someone cannabis because you don’t want to hear their dumb ideas seems like a potentially counterproductive plan.




In my experience with family and in watching national politics, there’s one idealogical inclination that believes that everything can be fine, that Thanksgiving can be wonderful, that we can all come together and join hands across the table and across the divide. And there’s another inclination that’s always ready to throw down and start something, because winning is what matters and you can’t win a fight without the fight. One side compromising and the other side saying thanks, what else ya got. What have compromise and surrender gotten us?


Fortunately, it’s been implicitly understood at the Thanksgiving events I’ve attended that politics and religion are not topics to be discussed at all across the table. That consensus makes for a more mellow and pleasant evening that an industrial-sized container of cannabis gravy ever would.


This reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where a woman Jerry is dating has a shelf of classic toys, and she won’t let him play with them. So he doses her with turkey so she’ll fall asleep and he can play.

There’s also the film “Stir Crazy” which starts with Richard Pryor playing a waiter at a house, and the cook uses his personal stash of “oregano” to flavor the meal because she’d run of regular oregano. So Pryor gets fired after the happy eaters recover.


Yay, my extreme dislike of gravy turns out to be useful! Boo, all side dishes will be getting the side-eye from now on - especially the ones other people insist I should taste…:confounded:


Yet, this is part of the problem. Everything is fine mode is over as far as I am concerned. trump supporters and enablers are to be called out for what they are and if they are part of your family lines have to be drawn. I’m not going passive over the current state of affairs. It’s all too serious. Our country is at stake.

I promised my wife that I’d make an effort to avoid confrontation but, when sitting across the table from people who condone racism, locking up children, deporting our own soldiers, Ok with pardoning war criminals, giving away all of our tax money to the rich, ignoring the daily lies, buying into bat shit crazy conspiracies, etc… I make no promises that I will sit quietly.

Happy gravy may be the only solution.



You don’t ever give anyone any controlled substance without their knowledge and consent… not even if they are annoying family members.


j/k for those that need it