High on the hog: what cannabis-fed pork tastes like

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/31/high-on-the-hog-what-cannabis.html


Juicier and yummy’erness.


Heading to Portland in a few weeks, now I know where to go for dinner one night!
And what to eat when I am there.


Seems to me that should be “mota perpetua,” if they’re using the pigs to fertilize…


Might make for happier hogs, at least…


Holy hell, you thought it was hard to get your college roommates to stop eating your food? They were only metaphoric pigs!


I’m going take a moment and thank all of the pigs that have given me bacon, ham, and everything else I have used them for in my life.

I know that we have a vegan thread open. I am not vegan. I am not vegetarian. But I do want to take a moment every day and thank the lives of the animals who were dedicated upon letting my life continue because of their sacrifice their freedom and lives.


Jesus can we stop with the put weed in everything trend.

Force feeding animals psychoactive substances just to see what it tastes like isn’t exactly responsible animal husbandry. If I decided to feed a pig a bourbon based diet the ASPCA would be up my ass in five minutes.

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You clearly did not actually watch the video.


Now all they need to do is put the droppings from these pigs into a biodigester system. The methane will power the weed monitoring system, and the fertilizer will help the plants themselves. Not a perfect, closed system, but certainly a more efficient one…

Actually, his name is Dave.

It’s pretty standard actually.

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Cannabis doesn’t become psychoactive until you decarboxylate it with heat.


Someone from the right part of the world can chime in, but I have a vague recollection of the Japanese traditionally doing that? Like a little prayer thanking what you’re eating for its sacrifice or something.

I have old distilling manuals from the 18th and 19th century with detailed calculations as to how many hogs you need to eat the slops from an X gallon per year distillery when you’re making liquor out of grain or apples. It was an important part of the operation’s economy. During the 1850s you had the Swill Milk Scandal in New York where dairy cattle were fed slops/swill, produced tainted milk which killed people, and died.

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damned if I’m not all ears

Making a silk purse?

Seriously, I learnt some stuff about a new cut. But the tastiness of the pork had everything to do with being much older pigs when slaughtered and presumably rather more free range, plus the cooking method. Very little to do with what they were fed on, I suspect.

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By products. Specifically spent grain. Post steeping and pre fermentation. Typically contains little to no alcohol.

Tell that to anyone who’s eaten their stash to hide it from the cops.

Or all those people making alcohol bases infusions at home.

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The roots and leaves being fed to the pigs are the byproducts of marijuana production, and similarly don’t contain enough THC to matter.

Their stash will be the high THC parts of the plant, e.g. the buds. That’s not what is being fed to pigs.

ETA: I’d be surprised if there weren’t a market for explicitly bourbon by-product pork. “Bourbon raised” has a ring to it.


You meant ‘hog on the high’, didn’t you?

Myth. If they got high from fresh raw cannabis, it’s in their heads. In an imaginary way, not the THC-affected way.

I can see a partially smoked joint or blunt might have some of the yet-to-be-burned THCA has been converted to THC by the hot smoke of the already taken tokes.

Note that I’ve no special letters after my name to lend any credence to the above. I am doing a deep dive into this subject, and the above is my current understanding.

ETA: good question on the alcohol tinctures. Maybe the A in THCA goes away as it’s absorbed by the alcohol? Some smart chemist-type surely knows the answer…