A cabinet of noses


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'Ear ye, 'ear ye!




Noses run in my Family.


Oh good. I was hoping for a cabinet of noses.


Hope they labeled them, otherwise who nose?


And they’re really starting to smell.


There’ll be another two along in a moment, then.


Replacement noses for statues, you say. Hmm…


I think I see Jimmy Durante and Tiny Tim’s noses in that collection.


Are those all of the non-original sculpted noses that were available, or did they just pick a few to display?


Who nose?


Statues with missing noses… a continuing problem with few good solutions.



Could be because of…


Or a disturbing new virus.



They’re actually a kind of shield insect that has evolved to look like noses as protective camouflage.
It’s not a feature, it’s a bug.


I am reminded of this scene from Roxanne (1987):


John Cleese reacts to noses in “The Magic Christian”

This is the moment I first remember seeing John Cleese and he immediately struck me as someone “to keep an eye open for a good ear.” (However, I had probably seen him before on Broadway as part of the cast of “Half a Sixpence.”)


All by themselves.


Legend has it that somewhere in the Vatican there’s a big box full of penises from the statues that various Popes ordered censored with fig leaves.