A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at a potential transfer of power

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/30/a-calvinesque-and-hobbesian-look-at-a-potential-transfer-of-power.html


Donald is facing fraud charges in NY. Donald has millions in debt coming due. Donald has used his first foray into public office to line his pockets. Donald is using the Justice Department like his personal attorneys.

There are a lot of logical reasons why Donald will simply not give up the office if he loses. I honestly don’t see any scenario where he gives up, including a huge landslide for Biden-- Donald will just point to dictators who win with 80% of the vote as proof it was all rigged.


Republicans love to project. Anytime you see them accusing Democrats are misconduct you should treat it as a warning flag to what they are planning to do, or are already doing. Massive voter fraud? Certainly possible, but probably not from the Democrats.


We are well into the worst game of calvinball ever.


We have no obligation to burden our lives in order to provide trump an escape from the obligations and violations he’s committed. He’s imposed on us enough, and if allowed to continue will irreparably harm our nation. Its time for him to reap what he has sowed, and we should feel no pity for him as he goes down in flames.


With any luck, the clock will run out in a few weeks.

Get out the vote.

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