A campaign to place Little Free Libraries in police departments

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The phrase “Pearls before swine” comes to mind.


Here’s a book to start them off:

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Maybe the police could breathe life back into the corpses of children they murdered with guns and flashbang grenades.

Fuck the police.

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I don’t really understand how this would help. I can see how a little library can bring a community together and start conversations, but people have to feel safe seek these places out before any of that community building can happen. The people who distrust the police would need to be convinced to even try going to the police to check out a book. Essentially, as an exercise in building trust, this assumes trust is already present. This is an underpants gnome plan.

You know the cops would just fill them up with cop books.

Hey, you don’t mind if I have a look in your bookbag while you’re here, do you?

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