A Canadian newspaper compiles a comprehensive list of Trump's election-season lies

  • His loyal supporters don’t give a toss.
  • We’re living in the era of post-truth politics.

We’ve just gone through this in the UK (brexit) and now it’s your turn, i only hope you get a better result. Have any of you seen a bus with a great big pork-pie (lie) plastered across the side? That’s when you know it’s over.


Oh its fine man, and great article! I set it to download before watching a movie, and came back to juuust the right moment when the last few words came through.

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Frankly, if, IF, he is elected, he won´t be able to do sh*t, because he has no clue what the office is all about, nor has he any respect for it. I´m actually quite certain that he will do something so tremedously stupid that it will get him impeached within the first year.
That is if he gets elected.

If Trump wins, he’ll have a GOP majority House and Senate. If you think that the GOP is going to meaningfully restrict Trump’s abuses (or vice-versa), you haven’t been paying attention for the last twenty years.


It’s been weakened quite effectively by having a Republican majority, which REFUSES to do the job they were elected for (and continue to give themselves pay increases for).


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