Trump's Time Magazine interview about truthfulness, minus all the lies

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A better cover image for the Time Magazine issue:

(Somebody else can PS into the Time Magazine banner)


of all the troubling things about trump, what’s starting to feel like it’s the worst thing of all is his inability to take responsibility for his words

no matter how he eventually loses, or what kind of loss it is, whether incremental or total, it’s becoming clear he will always blame someone else

this is not leadership


Politifact does a nice job of fact-checking many of Trump’s claims, including his statement that he’s been on Time magazine’s cover more than anyone else.


So has he had much of a chance to lie to Congress yet? I seem to recall that’s meant to have consequences… Or maybe that was just in the world of yesterday.


What else would you expect from a narcissistic grifter whose emotional development was arrested around age 11?

The worst things of all are those resulting from morons putting such a creature into the Oval Office, and what will result if he continues to occupy it for the next 3 years and 9 months. The damage he’s done in only the past two months is already too extensive and familiar to recap here.


well, right, totally expected, and seeming to be the common thread in every story

and the effect of it, facilitating chaos and creating an ideological vacuum to be filled by his circling minions, yes, ruin


Although the alternate (alt) reading of this would be: “See, even Time is saying that Trump is being censored!”

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Perhaps blackout the truthier parts and leave the garbage visible and title the piece “LIES”


Jezebel thinks it’s a verifiable fact that Trump won with 306 electoral votes? He won with 304 electoral votes.

Who will redact the redactors?


There’s actually a correction on that now at Jezebel/The Slot.


It would be good to see all news stories using quotes from Trump treated this way. Not necessarily complete redaction, but with the unverifiable sections highlighted. If all media outlets would start doing this, it would quickly show how little truth there is in anything Trump says.

Although, maybe this is preaching to the choir. I don’t understand the world any more. I don’t understand how Trump has enough support, from voters and from politicians, to get into the White House, and to stay there.


And not even in the “I was misinformed” kind of way, either. It’s “I’m just repeating what X said. You didn’t expect me to evaluate the statement in any way or have someone else check it before I repeated it, did you?” He seems almost affronted that people expect him to check the veracity of what he repeats.

I’m sure multiple people in his administration are trying their best to make sure he never testified before congress to prevent this.

They issued a correction at the bottom of the article about that. Some of the other things they left behind are questionable, too, but they’re being generous.


Reminds me of when The Toast gave Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream the “Anodyne and Comforting” treatment. For several reasons.

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You’re welcome.

So…Nunes had a news conference?

This is scary. What’s scarier is how many people who are still vehement supporters. Rabid, even.




Formerly Illiterate 50% Of Detroit Thrilled At Surfeit Of Snark Available. Twitter Execs Available at Half of You’re Welcome Ceremony for Bonhomie and Turmeric Root Tug-O-War. Plus ex-Syrian Co-Study Partners.


Time and the MSM spreading fake news again!

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