A Canadian newspaper compiles a comprehensive list of Trump's election-season lies


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Boy, when Trump wins, you’ll all be sorry.


“All” meaning the sapient human population of the entire world, right?


Or the drumpf will just find himself blocked at every passage, with no avenue to enacting his will besides veto after veto and childish tirades in the senate.


That’s scary enough for me.


If the power of the US executive branch is permanently weakened by a Trump presidency, that will absolutely be a good thing.


thinking right on down to the smallest subparticles


A week earlier he falsely said of a pastor who interrupted his criticism of Clinton: “He’s not allowed to talk politics. If he does, they take away his tax exemption.” (Pastors are permitted to “talk politics” as much as they want, although they are prohibited from endorsing or opposing candidates.)

Perhaps Trump was simply displaying his thin skin here. Or perhaps his ignorance.

Maybe Trump’s one of the people who thinks the candidates are the only thing to discuss about politics.


Could you put this list in the form of boxes randomly connected by lines?


I’ve heard this bandied about quite a lot lately so that us liberals can sleep at night, but the executive branch of government is NOT that neutered. The stuff he’d be able to do is truly frightening!

I hope to hell they wouldn’t give him the real nuke codes. Not to mention that with his ego you think he would hesitate to tear the country in two via tantrum riots/revolts/civil war just because he was blocked on something stupid? Or that he’d use his FBI support to charge and remove opposition? Or that he wouldn’t offhandedly insult foreign leaders and start wars? Or or or?


It’s pretty clear that Trump is a compulsive liar and can’t be bothered by facts. He tells all the best lies, no one is as good a liar as he is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Vote Trump, America. You deserve it…


…it will be because both Republicans and Democrats have had enough of his shit.


America deserves to have an honest discussion about where we are now, how we got there, how to never go there again, where we’d like to go as a people … just like you might have with the board of a company with a pile of failed releases.

Whatever some of us may have voted for, the rest of us don’t deserve to have it blow up in our faces.


And of course, the people who are likely to be hurt the most by a Trump presidency are the people already the most vulnerable, not the people driving our current climate of fear and hatred.


Why do I doubt that a Trump voter would pay reflective attention to any international news such as a Canadian newspaper beyond Russia Today? Didn’t a steady reinforcement of domestic infotainment from limited-viewpoint mass media contribute to a US ideological chasm?

It’s been at least fifteen months of daily bombardment of yap and I still haven’t seen an authentic “I read Times of India, National Post, Globe and Mail, The Guardian; don’t listen to talk radio; don’t watch TV at all, and I’m voting for Trump” type yet.

A good number of Canadians thought at first Trump was delivering a death blow to the Republican Party, but we didn’t imagine how many US voters would take a fraud and alleged sex offender as a serious candidate to represent them.


Yeah, he’ll have Putin invade Canada… :cold_sweat:


I wonder if we’re even capable of having such a discussion nowadays.


A Canadian newspaper compiles a comprehensive list of Trump’s election-season lies

Impressive that they have the bandwidth to publish that.


Learning to have meaningful discussions is a critical part of our culture’s growth. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: