A Cape Town diner wins Guinness World Record for most milkshake flavors

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Huh? Guinness f^$%-ed up! It’s wrong, Taylor’s in Loomis CA has had 300 flavors of shakes like forever…See http://www.taylorsloomis.net/home.html And the flavors here: http://www.taylorsloomis.net/shakes.html :slight_smile:


Ya’ really can’t go wrong when it come to milkshakes.


Guinness World Records is pay-for-inclusion, so it doesn’t mean much.

Of course, when talking about this many “flavors” of milkshakes, we’re talking about a certain number of variations of the same ingredients, just in different proportions, so it’s all a bit arbitrary anyways.


Capetown - over by the airport.

I’ve always wanted to have a black cherry shake…

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Fake Record! All it takes is money and the willingness to invent a ton of flavors. And the money to get Guinness involved.

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I’m not too far from there… one of my commute variants takes me past their store. They do good milkshakes, for sure. But a lot of those three hundred flavors are the ol’ syrup and softserve, as opposed to hardserve and milk and toppings/flavors.

To my mind, syrup and softserve is kinda pushing the boundaries of what it is to be a milkshake, and when flavor count is driven by adding more syrup flavors to the multiplication, it seems like cheating to me. (Heck, if you simply do permutations of syrup flavor combinations and leave out some of the less desirable combinations, you can pass three hundred without breaking a sweat with just six unique flavors.) But maybe I’m just a milkshake snob?

Either way, good milkshakes are a thing of beauty, and the more folks making them, the better it is for all of us (lactose and carbohydrates notwithstanding).


yes … but also no.

Leeches shake!??!

a relative from wisconsin was visiting me in iowa and we went to a diner and i ordered a butterscotch malt. he said that was weird and made a face at me. which blew my mind because i always thought of butterscotch as up there with vanilla chocolate and strawberry for common flavors. is that a thing? Is butterscotch a regional flavor??


To me, if it wasn’t included in the dog-eared copy of the 1977 Guinness Book of World Records I had, it’s not a record I can care about. Faster than the Blue Flame? I want to know. Heavier than than MacGuier twins? Posterity demands we know. Tallest stack of coins atop a sideways nickel? Yes.

Longest Sushi Roll? Biggest Group of People Wearing Fedoras and/or Tribleys? Not so much.


Guinness is hogwash, sure, and generally I would assume that anywhere boasting a large number of flavors was just padding the numbers with permutations as you mention. But it does sound like the options at the place in question are actual individually authored recipes, and if so I would give credit to that.

I spent the last week hospitalised with gallstone car-crash syndrome [insert html sympathy field] and now have to not eat anything with fat in it for a while. So of course I am immediately unable to recognize anything as food which doesn’t contain at least 50% fat, which is making me think deeply about this sort of thing.


I actually came to the comments to ask if they had butterscotch, because I also have been noticing it disappearing. WTF people. It’s a basic flavor. It’s like if you had to disappear a color and picked red or blue or yellow instead of fuchsia or mauve.

Honestly it’s weirder you asked for a malt :wink:

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Yeah, the standard variations in shakes tend to be about combining a (usually fairly limited) number of ice-cream types and some syrups to get permutations (so one could easily get a dozen types of banana milkshake, for instance). Each permutation can be its own recipe, but it’s still a permutation. You can expand the list out beyond that by also throwing in bit of various other desserts (e.g. custard, pie, cakes), or by actually adding some new, interesting flavors - Gibson’s and Taylor’s get the totally crazy number of variations by doing both to some degree. It appears Gibson’s also does frozen yogurt, vegan, alcoholic and fruit/vegetable smoothies to expand options out as well, so they’re increasing their numbers with substitutions, essentially. Taylor’s has bigger selection by simply doing a greater number of more straightforward permutations, though, it looks like.

Ooof. Sympathies. (Though I haven’t had a milkshake in years, myself, so good gods am I craving one now…)

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Guinness World Record for most milkshake flavors

Speaking of Guinness and milkshakes…years ago I was having lunch at a sandwich place in Minneapolis that was famous for having a huge, long menu, including a huge, long drinks menu, and I decided to try the Guinness Milkshake. I think it was just Guinness and vanilla ice cream, IIRC. I couldn’t quite imagine how it would taste, but I liked Guinness and I liked ice cream, so why not try it?

I found it to be awful, gag-inducing, couldn’t drink it. I wondered why they even had it on the menu, so I asked our waitperson if other people liked it, and they told me that they had never sold one before. I concluded that the restaurant was just trying to make the menu as long as they could, and that they didn’t actually expect anyone to order it.

However, looking online now, I’m seeing various recipes for Guinness milkshakes, so maybe someone somewhere likes them. Anyone here ever have one?


You’re on a time-out.


How many boys did it bring to the yard?


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