A catchy song made from random Canadian things


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Every day Canada gets cooler.


Canada: cool climate, cool country.


I wish he hadn’t manipulated the sounds so much. It’s no longer sounds of Canadian things but just sounds.


I knew it’d be you that caught that.


Oh Canada
la vin est ordinaire

Dites au-revoir
au chemin du fer

Oh Canada
Le ballon est rouge

Est-ce que je peux aider


My only beef. Although I did enjoy it far beyond what it cost me…

For instance, the hockey stick. I think he had an idea for a sound he needed, maybe even felt it was “in” the hockey stick sound, and then manipulated things to get the sound he wanted.


Damn kids and their electronic music


How could he have missed back bacon? Maybe he didn’t want to record the sound of a pig being slapped around.


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