Browser extension plays clown music when you load Rob Ford stories




Oh man, that’s fucking gold.

Not that I’m in any hurry to install the plugin, it’s enough that it exists : )

This could be a benchmark in future; if you’re in danger of incurring the authorship of similar browser plugins, you risk crossing the Rob Ford Threshold.


I always hear Rob Ford articles as having Yakkity Sax in the background.


I always thought that was John Philips Sousa.


Wow, that’s some fast rehab there Mayor! Took me decades to sort my crack out, as it were.


I was particularly impressed with his brother’s description of the protester approaching him on Canada day as being a racist… And his explanation that “racism isn’t about race”. Oh you wacky Fords!


I like that the accepted way to protest his events now is shirtless. So far I think it’s only been guys, but I’m looking forward to him saying something really dumb when a woman protests topless near him.


I’ve got the FoxReplace text substitution extension set up to replace “Rob Ford” with “The Laughable Bumblefuck.” It makes for fun reading.

BTW, I also replace “Justin Bieber” with “The Little Twit.”

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