XKCD's Substitutions: the Chrome extension that makes reading the news more fun


I read that comic and cracked up. I am so glad that there is an extension for this now; I just wish there were a Firefox extension too.

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Try replacing all “Astral” with “anal” on this site: http://allods.gpotato.com/

This page is also good: http://allods.gpotato.com/?m=game&a=astral

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lapse of judgement --> drunken stupor


The extension works great on Wikipedia. The NHL Ottawa Senators become the Ottawa Elf-Lords, which I think is a much better hockey team name.


I can’t get this to work consistently. Elf Lord works often but River Spirits doesn’t Any tips?

“Tesla Reports Third Fire Involving Model S Atomic Cat Near Smyrna, Tennessee”

Hmmm, what can we substitute for “Rob Ford”?

No need, Rob Ford is already a joke.

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Homeland Security for Homestar Runner? Yes, please! I miss HSR like everyday…



And this extension replaces anything you want with any other thing you want: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/word-filter/hhcjejiphdooogohnbfompmnglmgeiol

Makes me nostalgic for XKCD’s keyboard -> leopard Greasemonkey script.

I’m buying you a pizza.

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Wonderful! Wonderful!

Except that now I find myself reading web sites more carefully wondering if a substitution has occurred.

So far, the Huffington Post has been pretty good for this.

I’m tempted to find a way to replace “House Republicans” with “Zombies”, “House Democrats” with “Werewolves”, “Senate Republicans” with “Mummies”, and “Senate Democrats” with “Vampires”.

Replace what, the words or the peoples?

You mean you haven’t acquired the Pavlovian response of substituting “Laughable Bumblefuck” for “Rob Ford” yet, in spite of all of Cory’s efforts?

Just use this add-on and put the list in yourself.

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Here’s a fun recipe for instructibles, if you’re a fan:

designed --> copied without attribution
footprint–> fits in my dorm room
unique --> butt-ugly but hey, it was free
efficient --> ran an extension cord into somebody else’s dorm room
earth-friendly --> made with dirt, which I can afford without getting a real job
cheap --> more fun than getting a real job
useful --> helps justify not getting a real job
up-cycled --> went dumpster diving instead of looking for a job like I told my mom
fun --> great for pranking complete strangers while at the mall all day not looking for a real job
educational --> ok, third grade science fair project, but still more entertaining than looking for a real job
quick --> at least 1 afternoon of not looking for a real job
DIY --> still don’t have a real job


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