A chilling scene on Mooney Road in Pittsburgh

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I love this. Students in our art program made a bunch of busts a few years ago, with the faces as grotesques. The busts were sitting in our building for years. I finally asked the prof if I could have them. For the past few months I’ve been putting them in odd places around town for people to discover—in the woods near a park, on an awning downtown so it’s watching the street, etc etc.


These are the good zombies.
They don’t chase people nor eat brains.
Their ecumenical message: Please don’t make more of us.


Not actually in Pittsburgh, it is really in Munhall near Pittsburgh. Besides, Pittsburgh has its own set of horrors…

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A fellow PIT denizen?

How often do you find yourself being incredibly annoyed by people who live in Cranberry calling themselves “Pittsburgh area” despite not living in the same county, while being completely terrified of actually being in Pittsburgh because there are Black people?

Myself, I notice it probably a dozen times a day.

Nah. I was born in McKeesport many decades back at a time before it began looking like the set for an apocalyptic film but I left when I was seventeen. As for knowing the Munhall location, I have a curiosity about places I read about and frequently look them up on Google Earth to satisfy my itch. As for Pittsburgh, at least you have places where you can get decent kielbasa which is impossible where I live. There used to be a great place on Polish Hill IIRC…

I was always a fan of Lampert’s Market, myself.

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