British road barriers, modeled on children, stare into you


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I get the intention behind this but seems like these would be prime targets for vandalism :stuck_out_tongue:


Already happened. Someone put a Giants hat on one.


Should’a’maybe tried twins


I think the cost is outrageous and, yes, they’re creepy…one of them is wearing a New York Giants knit cap!


Wait till you see the therapy bills.


Those aren’t creepy… now if they painted them like these kids,

That would be creepy.


If I saw those, I’d look around to see if they were shooting a Doctor Who episode.


High yield creep factor.


Good way to train drivers that child-shaped things by the side of the road are inanimate objects.


I suppose that they’re fastened down pretty good?


And of course, there’s always the ‘I always have room for one more soul’ look:


I thought the same thing: Don’t worry, he is not going to run after a ball, it is just a dummy…

I had a kid run out after a ball one time in front of my car. Nothing happened, but it scared the bejesus out of me.



Is this the best we can do these days?
Does no one have tallent anymore?


No joke, this was my immediate reaction. “Who commissioned these tchotchkes? Does the town have no one with a sense of the human figure?”


At least these are on the sidewalk.

Whenever I drive through a neighborhood where someone puts neon child-shaped “slow down” stands out, I really want to speed up and run them over because they’re not supposed to be putting foreign objects in the street.

The more effective sign I’ve seen is “drive like your pets live here.” I don’t have kids, so the “drive like your kids live here” always seemed silly.


Gotta love the hat and the kindly passers-by who is putting the sunscreen on that poor child!
“'E’s out ere all day, isn’t right at’e should suffa!”


There were some in Nottingham; I found them distracting while driving and not a little terrifying if you walk near them in the dark. Creepy little buggers.


How it’s supposed to look: