Police arrest man carrying gnome on highway


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To be fair, those dimples are criminally cute :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally, our long international nightmare is over.



I…don’t understand. Was the gnome stolen?
Is it illegal to carry a gnome there?
Walk by the side of a highway? Both?


First they came for the gnomes, and I did not speak out…


Eminent domain leaves gentleman gnomeless.


The M60 is a motorway - sort of like a US Interstate, I suppose - and yeah, it’s illegal to walk along them unless it’s an emergency.


I’m disappointed to learn that “carrying a gnome” is not a euphemism I haven’t heard of. However I now consider it my mission to make it one.


So how do you gnome if it was an emergency or not?


Gnome way of gnoming for sure.

I can’t carry on like this. I’m going gnome.


I hear the food on motorways is the worst in the world too.


Quite likely, actually.


YES! It’s been ages since we’ve heard from the GGFDL. Why now? Maybe they’ve been plotting for one last stand?


You’re only allowed to transport them by Underground.
They’re metro-gnomes.


Are you sure it wasn’t a motor-gnome?

This is a clear example of elfin safety overreach.


my first thoughts exactly. Beat me to it.


Indeed. Odd that the police would bother with this while there are so many other matters vying for their attention that positively dwarf this one.


Exactly. Gnome harm gnome foul.


That’s an obvious terrorist weapon of mass gnomification.