Gnome mystery as 107 statues appear overnight in garden

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They should contact the Gnome Office.


I have a strong suspicion that someone at the Plymouth Herald thought of the headline first, then tried to figured out how to plant a news story so they could use that headline. it’s all just a little too perfect.


I love that the police spokesperson is in on it, too.

I wonder if the homeowner was targeted, however. After all, there’s no disgrace like gnomes.

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When I was in highschool we used to pull pranks like this on each other. I once woke to find a bunch of watermelons sitting on the hood of my car with about 6 pink flamingos from down the block stabbed into them. We had a friend who’s dad was a very conservative republican so one night we “borrowed” all the democratic campaign signs we could find for blocks and quietly planted them in his yard. Our friend was in hysterics the next day trying to explain his dad’s reaction when he opened the curtains that morning. Good times. This totally sounds like something we would have tried to pull off.


A war in Gnomeland -> a refugee crisis -> a garden full of displaced squatters.


Are we sure the writer isn’t using a gnome d’plume?


Sounds like a case for…Sherlock Gnolmes


sounds to me like they aren’t GNOMES, but little plastic men. GNOMEPOSTERS!

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Hopefully they will be alright. You hear so much about GNOMESTIC VIOLENCE.


“The question is whether they are stolen, as opposed to being gnomeless.”

I was reading this post surreptitiously while drinking water and it caused a huge coughing fit because I tried to stifle a laugh.

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The culprit, thus far, has chosen to remain Anon-Gnome-ous.

I hope they get returned to their proper owners, before they get Stock-Gnome Syndrome.

Or perhaps they made it to his doorstep themselves; they are known to be Gnome-adic.


I’m told (genuinely secondhand) that in some places planting lawn flamingos, then asking for money (for a charity or fundraiser) to remove them is a thing.

I’ve heard of cheerleader squads doing that after toilet papering a house.

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