Man beaten with garden gnome


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On the one hand, I think it’s time Australia acknowledged that it needs stronger gnome control laws.

On the other hand, if gnomes are outlawed then only outlaws will have gnomes…


I think I did that to someone in Fallout once…


Was the victim named O’Reilly, by any chance, and was the gnome actually inserted?

Oh, and duck is well and truly off.


Wait until somebody proposes licensing and registration of garden gnomes and special permits for concealed carry.


Did the guy discover later that his underpants were missing?


That picture is messed up. You want to shoot with both eyes open.


…and now I want a garden gnome in fatigues and with an AK47…


Wait, aren’t those “Get off my lawn gnomes”?


Not really, the cane toads keep their numbers in check.


We have no culture of concealed weapons. Driveways are a different matter.



Sure it wasn’t Half-Life 2?


Nah, this is Australia we’re talking about. If there’s a spree beating and a ban is called for they’ll hand over the deadly dwarfs without a fuss. None of this “from my cold dead hands” malarky for the Aussies — they’re much too civilised (although it pains me to say it).


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