A colorful primer on history’s deadliest colors

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What a gorgeous animation. I commend the artist.

As for the subject, it makes you wonder what horrible, deadly thing lurks right under our noses and we don’t even know it yet.

If you dig this sort of thing, check out the “Hidden Killers” BBC series, for hazards in the Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian, and Post War homes.


I wrote a whole thing but deleted it since it’s easier to say: “It’s hard for me to take an Educational video seriously when they get their centuries wrong every single time they reference them”.


She didn’t mention cadmium. Cadmium will kill ya’ too.


Or titanium, or cobalt. Basically they just picked three scary pigments out of the, can we say, “spectrum” of terrible ideas for beautiful pigments :slight_smile:


There’s tons of stuff trying to kill you. All that swell vintage Pyrex that people (including my wife) collect is swimming in lead based paint. Screw it, we still use it, they’re great refrigerator dishes. The inside tests clean for lead, so we’re just careful not to lick the painted parts, or really to let it come in contact with food.

I invited a friend over for dinner once. I came up with this recipe that involved gnocci with turkey meatballs and green olives, and I’d tested it plenty of times, and thought it was delicious. I prepared it in a tall sided aluminum frying pan I got at costco, and when he found out, he refused to eat a bite of it, telling me that there were plenty of studies that showed that cooking in aluminum was detrimental for your health. Ultimately, I got rid of the pan as well as the friend.


The orange/red is uranium glaze - they are perfect check sources for radiation detectors (I think that some of the white glazes contain uranium or thorium as well)
Edit: nevermind, brain switched Pyrex with Fiesta Ware…

Really, aluminum pans? We don’t use non-stick pans, because they’re only safe on low/medium heat before you’re eating Teflon, which always kind of makes me nervous. Any time a TV chef says “Get your non-stick pan, but as always be sure not to get it too hot because you’ll die”… well, how about we just don’t use those pans anymore.

I think it’s now considered to be an urban myth.


Also Red lead, all Cadmium colors, Prussian blue & most made of metal oxide (if you get enough). Earth colors & black: not so much.

The metal based tattoo inks have to be put on over time - Outlawed in the US still used in Japan.

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