A conversation with Terry Pratchett, author of The Carpet People



Sam Vimes is the best character ever written. That is all.


I have to say I am jealous that you got to have this wonderful conversation with Sir Terry. But I am glad it was you. I would have locked up and been like Chris Farley, “Remember when you wrote Carpet People? … that was cool”

Well done Cory, and well done Sir Terry. Two of my favorite authors conversing. I feel lucky to have read this.

And yep, now I want to pick up Carpet People.

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I really don’t get the comment (from Cory) "“I generally refuse to predict the future (on the grounds that SF writers who dabble in futurism are like drug dealers who sample the product—unlikely to come to a good end).”

If Little Brother and Homeland are anything, then they are intended as a self-denying prophecy. They predict a future in the hopes of preventing it in a similar manner to 1984. I have a hard time reconciling the quote above with Cory’s body of work. Isn’t the entire genre that Little Brother falls into futurism? Is Cory admitting a problem needing rehab in the quote?

I like the Pterry etchings accompanying the interview*; something of Richard Searle to them, I think.

*I liked the interview as well. :wink:

As much as I like Sam Vimes, I prefer Granny Weatherwax. Like Vimes, she’s got flaws - giant sized ones that define much of her personality - and like him these drive how she acts. Both are almost indomitable bastions of willpower. Vimes is more of a soldier though, whereas Granny’s actions seem to be developed by a heart that she refuses to acknowledge she has. To me, that’s a more complex character.

I could happily read a book about either though.

Like thekaz, I’m wildly jealous you got to interview the man!


I think he is referring to making official “scientific” predictions outside of the works themselves. The works are exploration more than prediction. I might be wrong.

Fantastic interview. Wonderful comments from you both.

Those are Pratchett’s drawings? COOL!

Another reminder of how great Terry Pratchett is. I love that the Tiffany Aching/we free men trilogy is his favorite. Although marketed as “adolescent” books they are perhaps my favorite discworld novels. My daughters love them, and I think they are as good as any of his “adult” discworld novels, minus a tiny bit of innuendo. If you haven’t read them, get to it.

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I love them both to pieces. Granny Weatherwax is my all time favorite though. I suspect when DEATH shows up for her, she’ll respond, “Well?”

It’s fun to watch two authors turn questions around on each other and to get wonderful responses.

Especially these two authors!

looks at his copies of I Shall Wear Midnight and Little Brother on his bookshelf

I really must get around to reading these.

IMO, Thud was a masterpiece. Brings me to tears every time I read it.


My favourite Pratchett book will always be “Carpe Jugulum” with Granny Weatherwax in grand form. I also really, really liked “The Long Earth” which is more SciFi which I hope there will be more of!

This was a fantastic interview Cory, and I agree with the comment above, Tiffany Aching is my favorite of Pratchett’s characters as well and I’m happy that he is so pleased with her.

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