"A cow lying on her side is not immobilized" beach towel

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I do rise from my side with every bit as much grace and grim dignity as a cow.


I tipped a cow in my youth.

I’m not proud.

Maybe you should be! The wikipedia article argues in detail that it is beyond the capabilities of mere humans.


Considered what a totally unprovoked cow did to a friend (hospitalized for three months), I always give them a very wide berth.

I don’t think tipping a cow is a good strategy. What would they do with the money?


When I was a kid it was 15%

Now the cows want 20%, 25%—where does it end


I hear you buddy - getting old is a pain in the ass.

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I’m wondering if it’s intentional that a beachgoer, especially a plus-sized beachgoer, could potentially lie on their side and obscure the image of the cow but not the text, thereby creating the impression that the text was meant to instruct passers-by not to intervene.

Maybe that’s the whole joke of this towel and I was just a little slow to get it?

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